Jigsaw puzzles, mystery novels, and tree diagnosis; that’s what I love. Piecing together and thinking through the puzzle of symptoms and site history are rewarding. Even more rewarding is seeing you enjoy your tree’s return to health and beauty.

What prepares Arborsmith for sound diagnosis of your tree’s insect, disease, and horticultural problems?
> Synergy of formal education in Horticulture with
> 40+ years continuous experience diagnosing & tending trees.
> Close networking with University faculty for timely updates of insect and disease issues.
> Commitment to continuing education.

To recertify as an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist, 60 hours of focused classwork are required every 3 years.  For cutting edge tree expertise, at least 20 hours are involved in separate disciplines of science, management, and practice.  Since ISA began on-line tracking of continuing education in 2001, I have earned 364 continuing education units.

Since earning my first degree in Horticulture in 1974, funding for Horticultural extension has been repeatedly cut. Previously, my professors made regular site visits to residential and commercial tree sites. Slashed funding curtailed these visits, but created an opportunity for me to specialize in tree diagnosis. Coordinating my efforts with my former professors’ expertise began my supplemental training needed to answer two questions:
> What’s wrong with your trees?
                                                              > How do we fix it?

For info on tree insects and diseases, plus our effective treatments, see our website section titled TIMELY TIPS.

For expert science-based diagnosis and practical effective treatment, contact ISA Board Certified Master Arborist #IL0020, Greg Smith

> e-mail: forshade@arborsmith.biz

                                                             > cellphone: 217.202.7490

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